Capstone Pitch

September 2014
Capstone Perspective
Mike Scott/ Jon Ippolitto
Why go to college?

Why do people attend college or universities? Is it the perfect ‘next step’ after high school? Family tradition? Are they just looking for higher-level education? Are they forced? Are they willing? Do they even want to be here? All of these questions relate to an answer I’m looking for, one that I’m not certain I can find.  Maybe, I’m not looking for a simple black and white response, but more of a mix of stories and perspectives from the student body. Ranging from the freshman that have just moved into the dorms all the way to the seniors who are now battling their final papers and capstones. All who take part in clubs, sports teams, programs, and even perspectives from students who may seem like “introverts,” that only leave their dorm room to attend a few classes a week. Kristen Douglass and myself are determined to interview and document exactly why these students chose to attend college.
As part of my research prior to beginning my capstone, I wanted to explore reasons why people should go to college, and see what some of the top articles are reporting. I found the following articles to be interesting:

All of these articles, in one way or another, relate back to money. Whether it be, how much a college education may cost, or how much money you will eventually make with a higher-level education and career, money seemed to be the main focus for much of my research. I can’t help but wonder if this will also be the response of the interviews Kristen and I plan to conduct with the students at UMaine. Is it really all about money and numbers?
Essentially I plan to conduct this capstone with my partner, by continuing research on this topic so we can be fully prepared for what we may hear and identify the best questions to ask the students willing to take part in this project. Once we have completed the background work, we will reach out to a number of students of all ages, in a variety of majors, differing in interests and hobbies so that we are not excluding anyone from what we discover and our final conclusion to this capstone. Kristen and I plan on randomly interviewing students with top of the line professional film equipment and then editing the film by utilizing programs and skills we have learned as New Media students. As well as potentially capitalizing on social media forums to broadcast our project.



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