Enhanced Proposal

As two students at the University of Maine, we feel like something is lacking.

We want a way to keep up with what is new and exciting on campus and the student life, that isn’t just reading newspaper articles, or following an account on twitter.

Whether it be athletics, Greek life, clubs, events, parties, or classes, there is no way to really know what goes on at UMaine that makes is special and different from other Universities.  We want to make it our mission to document a full school year, using tools that we’ve learned as New Media students. Having access to top of the line professional film equipment and skills to capitalize on social media forums, we believe that we can shed new light on the University of Maine, and bring a little more life back into the campus.

We feel one of the bigger problems on campus is that it can get kind of boring. A lot of the times there are events and things that happen on and off campus that people would love to attend, its just if you don’t know the right people, you wouldn’t hear about it.

So here’s the idea. As part of this full year documentary, showing all the things the school does have and the great people that attend this place, we also get student feedback. See what it is that the students want to help maximize their experience at UMaine.

We believe by filming and editing videos of the fun stuff that does go on here at UMaine, and promoting them on a website or YouTube page dedicated to videos of UMaine, we would be in a way advertising UMaine to kids deciding on which college to attend, and not just from around here who grew up next to the school, but drawing in people from around the country who would typically not even consider coming all the way up to “cold Maine.” If this is successful, and we can catch the eye of potential students, we may in turn attract businesses that may want to invest in our college town (something a little more flashy than Aroma Joes) and boosting the economy of the school, which would then help make all the ideas and requests of the students to help make the school better, possible.

Potential documentaries we have thought about filming are:
Sports teams
Greek life
Charity Groups
Alternative Spring Break
Social life/Night life
Or even filming tours of the new facilities, to show what our campus looks like
Downtown Bangor


This is a link to the current University of Maine YouTube channel


This is an example of what we are looking to do….except much better


Similar to that, this is a link to the University of Florida’s page



This is a very popular channel called “I’m Shmacked”


We are obviously not going to focus on binge drinking like this videos, but the upbeat tempo and showcasing the fun at the school is what we are looking to do.


This is a video from Huntington University. This is a definitely a type of video that would be featured on our channel


Promotion Plan

The first thing we are going to do to promote our idea is to get a website. Whether it be our own website created by someone in ASAP or a youtube or vimeo channel, it would be one set place where all of our materials would be uploaded to. Its functionality would be easy to use and simple, focusing mainly on the aesthetic of video icons and headers to draw people in. WE would have to find out from the school if we need permission to run a page dedicated to videos about UMaine, and if the videos have to follow any guidelines.
The second step would be to promote our website. I don’t think this will be difficult considering the vast amount of social networks today. Since our project is based on Many-to-Many, it won’t be hard to get the word out about what we are doing. By posting the link and possibly a reveal video or trailer to facebook, twitter, instagram, and any other platform, people will want to go and check out what we are doing. Also, since our videos will be involving many people around campus, they will be looking for the videos to be posted because lets admit, who wouldn’t want to see themselves and how the video came out?
Getting press would also be beneficial for our project. Whether it be flyers around campus, an ad in the school paper, press would be another good way to spread the word. The thing is now everything is online, even press. So whatever flyers we make, we can also post to social media platforms for the same effect.
Putting out a sampler will be key in getting our audience (the university) excited about our project. We probably wouldn’t start releasing any of the videos until the end of the semester, but putting out trailers before would be a great way to create anticipation.





Capstone Pitch

September 2014
Capstone Perspective
Mike Scott/ Jon Ippolitto
Why go to college?

Why do people attend college or universities? Is it the perfect ‘next step’ after high school? Family tradition? Are they just looking for higher-level education? Are they forced? Are they willing? Do they even want to be here? All of these questions relate to an answer I’m looking for, one that I’m not certain I can find.  Maybe, I’m not looking for a simple black and white response, but more of a mix of stories and perspectives from the student body. Ranging from the freshman that have just moved into the dorms all the way to the seniors who are now battling their final papers and capstones. All who take part in clubs, sports teams, programs, and even perspectives from students who may seem like “introverts,” that only leave their dorm room to attend a few classes a week. Kristen Douglass and myself are determined to interview and document exactly why these students chose to attend college.
As part of my research prior to beginning my capstone, I wanted to explore reasons why people should go to college, and see what some of the top articles are reporting. I found the following articles to be interesting:


All of these articles, in one way or another, relate back to money. Whether it be, how much a college education may cost, or how much money you will eventually make with a higher-level education and career, money seemed to be the main focus for much of my research. I can’t help but wonder if this will also be the response of the interviews Kristen and I plan to conduct with the students at UMaine. Is it really all about money and numbers?
Essentially I plan to conduct this capstone with my partner, by continuing research on this topic so we can be fully prepared for what we may hear and identify the best questions to ask the students willing to take part in this project. Once we have completed the background work, we will reach out to a number of students of all ages, in a variety of majors, differing in interests and hobbies so that we are not excluding anyone from what we discover and our final conclusion to this capstone. Kristen and I plan on randomly interviewing students with top of the line professional film equipment and then editing the film by utilizing programs and skills we have learned as New Media students. As well as potentially capitalizing on social media forums to broadcast our project.